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    Are you into paintball? bayc has negotiated a number of Charity Participation passes for Delta Force Paintball Centres.
    The charity passes normally sell at £59.99 with each pass entitling 10 (yes TEN) people to participate in a full day of paintball action at any one of the 35 paintball centres nationwide. The normal price for 10 people is £99.99 so the Pass saves you £49.99
    Included in the deal is a full day pf paintball action, all equipment hire, latest semi-automatic machine gun, public liability insurance. Paintballs are not included and must be purchased separately.
    Now here's the really good news: bayc, in support of its work at the Studio Barn, is selling the passes for just £50 per pass, giving you a full saving of almost £50 on your paintballing day. Remember-one charity pass admits 10 for a fabulous paintballing day.
    There are a limited number of passes for this initial offer so purchase yours now!!

  • £10,000 available for young people aged 16-25 in 8 cities across the UK

    Do you work with young people in Birmingham?
    Do they have an idea that would make a real difference in your community?
    Do they know what it will take to make a positive change for people around them?
    If so here is a fantastic opportunity for them!
    During 2011, UK Youth, together with Starbucks, will be rolling out a program called 'Youth Action' in major cities across the UK and Ireland. The program will offer young people, who have ideas of how to improve their communities, the opportunity to access up to £10,000 seed funding and volunteer time from local Starbucks partners (employees) to help realise their ambitions.
    UK Youth will be supporting the program by offering skills training and advice to young people, and both Starbucks and UK Youth hope that 'Youth Action' will inspire future community leaders to continue to make a difference.
    Young people who submit a grant application form will need to attend a Community Change training day which will be run by UK Youth and will give them the skills and knowledge to complete the second stage application form.
    Apply on line now at


    W A Cadbury Charitable Trust: No deadlines, apply anytime for monthly grants size of grant available: Small grants up to £2,000
    Aims and outcomes of funder: Will fund various projects such as those helping vulnerable people or providing education, training, advice, mediation and counselling
    Additional information: In addition will consider support for environment/conservation, health/medical and arts projects/activities
    Contact details: Telephone 0121 472 1464
    Web Site:

  • Funding is available from CHK Charities Limited

    You can apply anytime, there are no deadlines.
    There are no maximum amounts, however, large grants start at £25,000 and can only be applied for once a relationship has been built with the funder.
    The funder has a wide variety of programme areas detailed on the website. They also run 2 grant programmes “ oneoff ” and “conditionally renewable”.
    Only registered charities can apply for funding. There is a preference for organisations based in the West Midlands
    Telephone: 020 3207 7338
    Web Site:

  • Triangle Trust

    The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund is currently inviting applications from charity organisations to support projects that support carers, community arts and education, disability, older people, poverty, integration and rehabilitation.
    Grants are normally in the range of £1,000 and £10,000.
    Preference will be given to smaller charities; charities which serve a locality or region of the UK, rather than national charities; and causes which find it more difficult to raise funds from the general public.
    The next application deadline is the 12th August 2011.
    For more information please visit the website: The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund

  • bayc helping youth groups gain grants

    The number of bayc youth groups who have had successful applications for grants towards equipment continues to grow. The £341.36 towards the sporting equipment they need.
    To date, bayc youth groups have shared grants to the tune of £6,426.94 in this financial year.
    If you need equipment to help you in your work simply contact bayc online or by phone: 0121 460 5870 and request an application form.


    Are you looking at your future?
    Do you know what you want to do?
    Need focus?
    Get skills with confidence and plan to get what you want?
    Introduce young people to the power of networking; what it is, its benefits and how it can make a difference to them. Giving young people skills to confidently network with others.
    Giving young people a safe space to test and improve their networking skills.
    Hear from people that have used networking to good effect in their personal and professional lives.
    Listen and find out about future dreams and aspirations.
    Phone: 0784 160 396

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